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Only in the urban centers of America could people be so creative as to turn something as utilitarian as construction boots into high fashion. This style has become a staple in black fashion. So what better way to bring this uniquely iconic look full circle than to ad a twist of Africa. Weather its traditional African prints or a homage to our heros and ancestors, Yasimba boots are unmatched in comfort, style and durability. 100% genuine leather, fully lined with high grade memory foam and dyed to perfection with out patent pending process. You will instantly see the difference between Yasimba and all our competitors



I want to introduce you to my clothing line Yasimba by Andre Roxx and tell you a little bit about what inspired it.  Every time I had to dress up to go anywhere I was expected to wear a suit and tie. That’s what was considered dressing nice. But I always knew suits and ties originated in Europe. And since I wasn’t European, I knew the underlying message was that "to look nice meant to look white". I also knew that Africa had is own version of formal attire, but we had been kept from it so that they could reinforce the idea that "white is right". So when I moved to Ghana, and saw some of the most stylish formal African apparel I had ever seen, I knew I had to introduce it to my brothers and sisters in America. I sat down, worked out some ideas, and Yasimba by Andre Roxx was born. What I’m most proud with this line is our one of a kind approach to manufacturing. By eliminating the small medium and large system, and custom tailoring each garment to your specific measurements, we ensure a perfect fitting with an elegant tailored look every time. No other clothing line gives you that. But if you follow my career, you already know I don’t do it like everyone else. I do my own thing.

-Andre Roxx-